Where to find your license key and how it works

YayCommerce license key is a unique 32-digit alphanumeric key for the completed purchase of a licensed product.

If you buy a YayCommerce plugin from, license key is not required. Please just go ahead and start using the plugin.

If you buy a YayCommerce plugin from our website, a license key may be required if the plugin is a licensed item.

Enter license key

Log in to YayCommerce website and navigate to, you will see your license keys in License Keys tab.

Copy the license key then paste it into your WordPress dashboard > YayCommerce > Licenses.

Update license key

If your license has just been renewed and you want to update its status, please click on Update.

Remove license key

To free up a license key, you need to do two steps:

  1. Deactivate license key on your website

From WordPress admin dashboard > YayCommerce > Licenses tab, you can deactivate your license key.

  1. Deactivate site in your account

Next, please go to your YayCommerce dashboard > License Keys > Manage sites.

And then deactivate the current site.

Now, the license key is freed up and available for use on another website.

Local sites supported!

All license keys allow local development domains and IPs to be activated without counting towards the activation limit totals. The local URL will still be logged.

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