Update plugin

How to update YayCommerce plugins to newer versions

Update from free to pro

You are on Free version and you don't know how to upgrade your plugin to Pro version?

Just make it work with these simple steps.

  1. Deactivate the Free version and delete it

  2. Download the Pro version

To get started, please log in to your account on https://yaycommerce.com/dashboard/#downloads and download it.

This will show you a page with your available license. This will save a zipped file of the Pro version of the plugin to your computer.

  1. Install and activate the Pro version

This step seems very familiar to you guys. Just do it as it is.

After activating the plugin, you also need to enter your license and activate it as well to start using the Pro version.

That’s it! You’ve now successfully installed the Pro version on your WordPress site, and it won't lose your designs before.

In case you have the plugin file downloaded from WooCommerce.com then you don't need to activate the license key.

Update to newer versions

You can manually update your plugin by downloading it from your YayCommerce dashboard and uploading it to your site. Or use auto-update from your WordPress website.

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